In 2011 our group of educators and law enforcement professionals came together with a common interest, to investigate claims of the paranormal and search for the answers that have plagued mankind for centuries—Is there life after death?

To express our desire to conduct our investigations in the professional vein of a criminal investigation we adopted a name that reflected this goal; The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation also known as FBPI.

To accomplish this goal, members of the FBPI use the tried and true methods employed by both the law enforcement and the professional paranormal community to substantiate claims of the paranormal. It is our desire, not only to collect and evaluate evidence we uncover without emotion or preconceived opinions, but to prepare a case as if we were taking it to trial. It is with this desire for the truth that allows the FBPI to conduct investigations with the clear goal of seeking the truth, regardless of where it takes us.

Larry Lawson- Founder/Director
Larry is a 37 year veteran of Law Enforcement with a specialization in criminal investigations and actively investigating the paranormal for 13 years. Because of his background, Larry takes the same fact based, unbiased approach to his paranormal investigations. Events from his past fuel his interest in the paranormal and is dedicated to finding the answers.

Dan Clarkson- Lead Field Investigator
Dan brings 13 years of experience to the FBPI. While working with a group in Indiana specializing in residential sites helping families find answers, Dan has honed his skills and is a vital member of the organization. Dan is the designated lead for all field investigations and is the second in command of the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigations.

Karla Fafieta - Case Manager
Karla is an experienced investigator with tremendous organizational skills.  Her designation as the case manager allows her to utilize those skills to properly plan upcoming investigations and organize the data and evidence uncovered.
Jennifer Melton- Founding Member/Investigator
Jenn, as she is known by her friends, is a one of the founders of FBPI and actively investigating the paranormal for over 8 years. Being one of the original members, she has helped lay the foundation of what the organization is today. An educator with a background in the sciences, Jenn is also an avid photographer and history enthusiast. Her love of history and the sciences is a benefit for doing site research for investigations.


Alan Darby- Founding Member/Investigator
After years of personal experiences with the paranormal, Alan now applies these talents to FBPI investigations. A military veteran with a background in the medical field, Alan trained as a law enforcement officer. With his military, science and law enforcement backgrounds, Alan brings a unique blend of talent to paranormal our investigations. He has over 8 years’ experience in the paranormal investigative field.

Ryan Lawson- Founding Member/Investigator
Ryan is one of the Founding Members of the team and is responsible for the creation of our name-The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation. He has been investigating the paranormal with his father, Larry Lawson since he was 11. While away at college, Ryan is still an active member, joining the team when he is available.  He, along with his brother Evan, keep the tradition in the family.

Evan Lawson- Founding Member/Investigator
Evan is wise beyond his young years. With an intense desire to find the truth, he follows his father’s investigative footsteps by taking a skeptical eye towards all paranormal evidence. Evan also studies the marital arts and currently holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate and a Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu.

Kay Lawson- Matriarch of the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigations
"Nana" Kay has always had a keen interest in the paranormal and has many unique experiences over the years, particularly at the famed "Buxton Inn" in Ohio.  Kay accompanies the team whenever she is able and adds much to our investigations and events with her unique style and wit.

Jonathan Orphanidis- Investigator
While he is relatively new to the paranormal investigation and research scene, Jonathan's enthusiasm and willingness to learn makes him a valued asset to the team.

Katey Fafieta -  FBPI Investigator
Gifted with an open mind and the ability to look at evidence objectively, Katey is the sister of Case Manager Karla Fafieta.  Katey's no nonsense approach to investigations is a tremendous asset to the team. 

Tim Crooker- FBPI Investigator
A law enforcement professional of 20 years, Tim brings the perspective of a seasoned investigator to the FBPI Team.  Tim’s experiences with the paranormal include events that have helped shape his desire to be part of the FBPI Team.

Greg Stanley- FBPI Investigator
A law enforcement professional of 22 years Greg is another professional investigator that adds depth to the FBPI Team. In addition to his keen interest in discovering the answers to the afterlife, Greg brings important technical/equipment knowledge to our investigations.


Tom Lawson- FBPI Investigator- Ohio Branch
With a background in music and business, Tom has been investigating for over 13 years with his brother FBPI Founder Larry Lawson. He is responsible for arranging and conducting investigations for FBPI in the State of Ohio.

Micah Lawson- FBPI Investigator- Ohio Branch
Another member of the Lawson Clan in the business, Micah conducts FBPI investigations in Ohio with his father Tom Lawson.


Guest Investigators:

  • Tracey Pretorius
  • Michael Darby
  • Maddie Darby
We do not charge ANY fees for our investigations, we do it as a service to those in need.
We're in the process of compiling evidence of past investigations to be included in our web site.

Check back often for newly uploaded paranormal evidence discovered by the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation.

Contact us if you've had any experiences that you feel need researched and explained, or places that are known to have paranormal activity.

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