fbpi_site004015.png fbpi_site004014.png fbpi_site004013.png fbpi_site004012.png fbpi_site004011.png FBPI-Logo Strange mist captured in the Men's Room during an investigation at Marsh Landing in Fellsmere, FL June 2014
Fellesmere Cemetery Orbs
Our most recent paranormal evidence discovered by the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation team and guest investigators.
As we were making our way down from the 3rd floor during our Fellsmere Old School hunt, we heard a loud, unexplained  "BANG" and took a photo to document our location.
Another one of our investigators was doing an EVP/Video session on the first floor and captured it on video. 
Strange noises caught on video
Sounds caught... 
Orbs in Gettysburg
Orbs caught in an area identified as a Confederate Aid station off main battle field that was overrun by Union Troops and located near a present day High School football field in Gettysburg, Pa.
This EVP was captured at the Brookside Cemetery in Fellsmere at around 5:00PM on Saturday October 11. We were in the old section on the north east side of the cemetery. We located the grave of a young child who died in 1913. FBPI Investigator Evan Lawson was examining the hand carved headstone. We heard the birds around us but DID NOT here the short giggle we caught on our digital voice recorder. You can hear it at about the 0:28-:30 mark.
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Click on these next 2 images for a better look at some interesting visual evidence from our most recent Dinner and A Ghost Hunt event held at Marsh Landing Restaurant
This photo taken during the October 2015 Dinner and a Ghost Hunt by our guest Beth Kramer appears to be a solid beam of light we believe to be a Vortex. This was taken at the Old Section Foreman’s House which still sits in its original spot where the old Fellsmere Railway Line ran.
This house is actually the oldest standing structure in the City (Circa 1911-1912). We caught many strange anomalies there. This was the first official investigation of this historical building
Photograph #1 above:
This was taken by a guest during the Investigation that Followed the Paranormal Unity Conference in Fellsmere Florida on January 9, 2016. The photo was taken by Amber Carter, looking into the Bar at the Marsh Landing Restaurant.  She was facing the far wall from inside door way. It should be noted that a door to the outside was approximately 10 feet to her right.  On the left side of the photo you will see a triangle/tornado shaped black mist. That area is open with no obstructions so the mist is unexplained and could not be debunked. On the right side of the photo, you will see a shadow outline of a person. This is a reflection off of the glass liquor cabinet about 12 feet in front of Amber. The initial thought was that it was a reflection. After trying numerous ways to recreate the photo we could not debunk it. There was no one in the room with her, and having someone stand outside the door produced a photo that was unlike the one taken. Closer examination of the photo showed the figure was inside the room and no matter what we did, we could not reproduce the same likeness. In fact part of the shadow figure appears translucent.  After two weeks of trying to debunk the photo, it could not be done. This is a photo of a shadow person/apparition inside of the Marsh Landing Restaurant.

Photograph #2 below:
This was taken only seconds after photograph #1. Amber has moved slightly to the left, further negating the possibility of a reflection of her. Now the figure on the right has morphed.  It appears to be taking a different shape with something protruding from its head. Once again, every effort to debunk this failed. The eerie change in the figure combined with no possibility of a reflection makes this a creepy companion to photo #1.

fbpi_site004007.png The ‘Whispering Spirit’s Paranormal Team’ out of Tampa captured this during the Para-Unity Conference on January 9th. It was taken in a back stage room in the auditorium of the Old School house.
Wisp of light caught on camera...
Little girl laughing...
EVP of little girl laughing was taken in the freezer area of the kitchen in the basement of the Old Fellsmere School. Two FBPI team members, Jenn Melton and Greg Stanley were there with conference guests that participated in the investigations. They were doing an EVP session. At approximately 1 minute 24 seconds into the audio, you hear someone’s cell phone start asking a question. Everyone laughs and jokes about it.  At approx. 1 minute 35 seconds you hear a little girl laugh. Everyone hears it and they acknowledge it. Fortunately Greg was recording so we got it on this audio. A great catch.
This image was taken at the Section Foreman’s House on the night of the October “Dinner and A Ghost Hunt”


There was a White blob in the right center portion of the photo with what appears to be a face in the middle of it. Photo Credit to our guest- Brittany Melchiori.
This was captured by Angela DiBlasi of the Whispering Spirits Paranormal Team out of Tampa. She and her team were attending the Paranormal Unity Conference in Fellsmere, Florida on January 9, 2016 and participated in the investigations offered after the conference. In this piece of audio evidence, Angela was in the auditorium of the Old Fellsmere School House (now the City Hall for Fellsmere) conducting an EVP session. Early on this audio you hear a voice say “hold out your hand Angie”. Listen closely because it is early in the clip. But it is clear. By the way, Angela likes to be called Angie!!
This one was also collected by Angela. You hear Angela making a comment about hearing everyone else talking when you suddenly hear a creepy gravelly voice. That was not anyone in the room! This was also collected in the auditorium.




Creepy voice...
Bell chime...

In this audio also caught by Angela DiBlasi in the Marsh Landing Restaurant you hear bell chimes going off. I am in that restaurant every day and I can tell you for a fact, there is nothing in that restaurant that chimes!! Great catch so listen carefully!

Back to top fbpi_site004001.png This Photograph was taken in 2010 of Larry Lawson FBPI Founder by Tom Lawson (FBPI Ohio Chapter) during an investigation at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pa. Note the large black figure directly behind me. It was not my shadow as Tom took the phot from a spot that would not have produced a shadow where it is seen.
PA State Pen Investigation 2010