Marsh Landing

Marsh Landing Restaurant is located in the historic Fellsmere Estates Building in downtown Fellsmere, FL.  It was built in 1926 as the land sales office for the Fellsmere Estates Corporation.  The building later became the headquarters for the Florida Crystals Sugar Company through the 1960ís and was later used as a municipal building.

The building has housed City offices, the Police Department and served as a community center.  It was restored in 1995 after sitting empty for 30 years.  The building maintains its original floorplan and much effort has been made to use and reuse the original building materials.

The FBPI has conducted several investigations at Marsh Landing with much success.  Many people have reported paranormal occurrences ranging from objects being moved to voices being heard and even spirits being seen. Paranormal investigations are conducted on a regular basis and we encourage you to join us and learn more about our permanent guests.


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