Gettysburg June 2013
Marsh Landing Restaurant Fellsmere, Florida Multiple times from 2013 - 2015
Old Fellesmere School House Fellsmere, Florida Multiple times from 2013 - 2015
Section Foreman's House Fellsmere, Florida 2015
Ashley's Restaurant Rockledge, Florida April 2015
Hallstrom House Vero Beach, Florida November 2015; February 2016. FBPI is the first paranormal team to conduct an investigation on this historic property.
Historic Wager House- Titusville Florida October 2016
Gulfstream Hotel-Lake Worth, Florida December 2016
Fellsmere Inn- Fellsmere, Florida August and October 2016
Beyond Useless Boutiques ( Site of the original Town Hall), Sebastian, Florida March and July 2016
Island Styles Hair Salon-Sebastian Florida July 2016
Vero Beach Historical Train Station (Indian River Historical Society) - March 2017
Vero Beach Heritage Center - March 2017

Past investigations

FBPI is the ONLY Paranormal Investigative team that has investigated the famous "Boston House", Ft. Pierce, Florida (reputed to be haunted) a total of 8 times from 2011 through 2014.
Also in 2012, the "Fire Nation" Glass Studio and Gallery, a turn of the 20th century Building in Holland, Ohio.
We do not charge ANY fees for our investigations, we do it as a service to those in need.
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Goals and Objectives of FBPI

To use standardized and tested methods of investigation to seek out evidence of paranormal activity.

To conduct investigations using the structured framework of criminal investigations so that all evidence is collected free of emotion, conjecture and of pre-determined value.

Sunrise Theater Ghost Hunt April 2015. Ft. Pierce, FL 

Our team experienced many orbs and other strange occurrences during our visit to the Sunrise Theater in Ft. Pierce, FL this May.

A chair in dressing room #5 had an unexplained EMF reading and staff reports say a light randomly turns on and off in one of the locked closets.

Investigator Evan Lawson was touched on the elbow While Larry Lawson recorded an EMF spike at the same time in the "Will Call" area of Black Box Theater.